Wouter Veeneman

Hi! I'm Wouter.

A photo- and videographer from the Netherlands. My main passion is documenting interesting stories about interesting people using visuals.

After my Interactive Media Design post-secondary college it itched to do more, to learn more! I had to challenge myself, so I started at the university and started an own business in the media branche. Since september 2015 I'm attending the course Media, Information and Communication at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. I enjoy creating things for clients as well as creating things at school. Every project and client is different, so with each new project you get the chance to prove yourself again. This is something I really like about the creative process.

In my spare time I enjoy the outdoor life and climb, boulder, hike and try to summit a list of the highest mountain of each country in Europe. The remote places are where I find comfort and enjoy the nature at it fullest!